The level of houses with stone roofs is undisputed with extremely high aesthetics.

However, the inherent weakness of the stone roof is that it is too heavy, absorbent and mossy. Da Vinci plastic tile completely overcomes the above disadvantages, now a stone roof weighs only 15Kg instead of 60-70Kg as before, with no less aesthetic, waterproof, no moss.

Da Vinci – Stone vein slate has 9 unique natural colors of stone.

Da Vinci plastic tile is made from pre-mixed plastic beads, so the color fastness is very high. Genuine 50 year warrantyMade in the USA with excellent quality.


The wooden plank roof is one of the oldest forms of houses in Europe and America. In addition to the reason that the material is easy to find, the wood color and grain give the house a certain warmth and closeness to nature.

But the biggest disadvantage of natural wood plank roof is that it has a very low lifespan and is quickly discolored by nature.

Now Da Vinci – Wood look wood grain has brought a great solution for those who love nature and want to look back to the past.

Da Vinci – Wood look wood grain with  extremely realistic grain and 8 different colors very eye-catching.

Da Vinci tile is made from primary plastic with colors mixed into each plastic particle for very high durability. Tile comes with a 50-year genuine warranty and is made in the USA with excellent quality.