This is the oldest style of bitumen tile. A stylized, simplified form of stone slabs or wooden roofing panels, which are the traditional roofing materials of Europeans.

The flat copper profile thus creates a classic European roof for your home.

Another symbolic way closer to Asia is a roof paved with bricks, extremely quality.

CANA bitumen tile – Flat Copper profile with  8 different gradient tones suitable for all architectural tones.

CANA bitumen tiles – Flat Copper profile genuine 20-year warranty.

CANA bitumen tiles are made in Korea with a fully automated process that ensures the best quality.


Like sparkling diamonds carpeting your roof when you use CANA honeycomb tile.

Luxury and elegance is what the Honeycomb profile brings. Along with that, there are 6 original colors  for you to choose from.

The honeycomb profile is very suitable for classical and semi-classical villas with bold elegance.

CANA honeycomb style bitumen tiles are  15-year genuine warranty.

CANA bitumen tiles are made in Korea with a automatic closed-loop process to ensure the highest quality.


The BEST stone-covered bitumen tile

Is the only stone-covered bitumen tile that is composed of 2 layers of material, twice as thick. Combining irregular stylized patterns, bitumen tile covered with CANA stone – Multi-layer is extremely innovative.


With CANA stone-covered bitumen tile – Multi-storey now you don’t need to worry about architectural style because it simply “adapts” absolutely to all schools. From classic to modern, from simple to sophisticated, there’s no limit to Multilayer.

CANA stone-covered bitumen tile – Multi-layer has  8 color gradients very beautiful and is genuine 30-year warranty.

No. 1 in Korea

CANA stone coated bitumen tiles are made in Korea with a fully automated production line providing the highest quality products.