Impossible to be in our imaginations, Art Stone’s Flexy Face is a very special line of decorative stone. It had infinite flexibility but had a surface of  100% natural stone.

With this flexible property, Flexy Face is the only natural stone that can support architects maximum creativity with excellent curves. Along with that is the simplicity of the construction method, similar to wallpaper. You can cut with scissors, knife and paste with common glue lines such as milk glue, dog glue, etc.

Flexy Face has 19 stone circuits of 2 types Luxury and Shining.

Art Stone – Flexy Face is genuine 5 year warranty and is  produced by German technology  at Richter India factory.


Previously, to make light-transparent items with stone patterns, we could only use artificial stones with high repeatability or use boulders with extremely high costs of up to tens of millions for 1m2.

However, the birth of Art Stone – Light Wall has created a new revolution that has both reduced investment costs for transparent stone decoration with 100% natural stone veins and diversified stone patterns for users.

Light Wall has up to 18 different stone veins in 3 extremely impressive slate (Luxury), Quartz (Shining) and Marble variants. Comes with a genuine 5-year warranty.

Art Stone Light Wall is manufactured according to German technology at the Richter factory in India.


100% natural stone grain, only about 2mm thick, with the ability to quickly process with wood saws or aluminum saws.

Art Stone Slim Cover customizes great applications on a variety of substrate materials (such as wood, cemboard, concrete, …) and many different locations (such as walls, ceilings, cabinets, kitchens, …)

Slim Cover has 23 extremely high quality stone circuits in 3 variants Luxury, Shining and Marble.

Art Stone Slim Cover has a base waterproof5-year warranty and is manufactured from Richter factory – German technology – in India.